Adventures in Kombucha

Welcome to our adventures in Kombucha brewing! Kombucha is one of my favorite drinks, but at $4 a bottle I try to keep it as an occasional splurge and not a daily thing. And then I read about how simple it is to make your own! So here we go…

I boiled 15 cups of purified water and poured it over 8 black tea bags. Then added in one cup of sugar to essentially make sweet tea.

Here’s my sweet tea ready to cool down and get ready for the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, in case you were about to google it like I did.)

And there’s my little SCOBY buddy! It looks like a circle of…well, flesh…but this little thing is what’s supposed to turn sweet tea into tasty ‘Booch. Along with the SCOBY I added 2 cups of Kombucha to act as a starter tea to kick start the process and keep the pH levels right.

So now we wait! Apparently the fermentation process can take 5 to 30 days, depending on the temperature, SCOBY, etc. So, I’ll be checking in occasionally here to let you know how it goes!

Have you made Kombucha before? Any tips would be appreciated!

xo. Brie

Cilantro Lime Turkey BurgersĀ 

Sometimes you’re just craving a burger and fries…but then you remember you’re on Whole 30 and a big greasy cheese burger isn’t exactly in the spirit of the eating plan…

But fear not! Adjustments can be made to have a delicious and satisfying burger experience. Behold the Cilantro Lime Turkey Burger. Packed full of flavor and totally Whole 30 compliant! Served with some baked wedge cut fries, you can’t go wrong.

Cilantro Lime Turkey Burgers
(Serves 2)
1 pack ground turkey
1 egg
1 tsp cumin
2 tsp Sazon Tropical
2 Tbsp chopped cilantro
Sprinkle of cayenne pepper
Juice of 1 lime
Salt and pepper

Mix all ingredients together and shape into 4 small patties (or two large if you prefer). Sear on each side in a cast iron skillet and cook through. I like to serve these beauties on top of lettuce topped with some onion, avocado, tomato, mustard and Whole 30 approved ketchup (I made this one).


xo. Brie

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato (Whole 30 Approved!)

Jim and I started Whole 30 this month in an effort to reset our systems after an amazing (and delicious) vacation to North Carolina. We wanted to give our bodies a rest and some nutritional support, and as a bonus I figured after having a baby this might be great way to get my hormones a bit evened out. So here we go!

This was the first Whole 30 meal I tried making – so far it’s definitely making me think outside the box with our foods! I will say this buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potato really hit the spot!

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato
(serves 2)
2 Chicken breasts
2 Sweet potatoes around the same size
1/2 cup Franks Red Hot Original (Whole 30 approved!)
Green onions

Cook chicken breasts with some salt and pepper in the crock pot for around 5 hours on low or 3 hours on high. Drain water, shred chicken, and add the hot sauce. Bake sweet potatoes in a 350 degree oven for an hour. Split potato and top with chicken mixture and green onion. Serve with a veggie on the side – I like asparagus or broccoli. Enjoy!

xo. Brie

5 Minute Makeup

If there’s one thing you’re short on with a new baby, it’s definitely “me” time. Little things like drying your hair or doing makeup begin to feel like luxuries! One of the things motherhood is teaching me is the importance of stealing a moment or two throughout the day for some self-care. Be it cooking and eating a nutritious meal, taking a hot shower, or sneaking in a few yoga poses – when you get a moment alone to collect yourself and feel good, it carries on to your baby.

So, in the spirit of self care, here’s my 5 minute mama makeup routine! After a shower, or just washing my face, I use Aveeno Positively Radiant tinted moisturizer. I follow that with powder foundation and a touch of blush. A bit of eyeliner on the upper waterline, natural colored eye-shadow, mascara, and a swipe of lip gloss and you’re done! 5 easy minutes and I feel ready to face the day.

xo. Brie

Mama Essentials

I’ve never experienced a learning curve quite as steep as bringing a newborn home. All of a sudden you’re looking at this helpless little peanut who depends on you for everything. I thought I was prepared – I’d done the whole “nesting” thing, read countless articles about what to expect, and had a Pinterest board full of life-hacks for life with a newborn. But there were still a bunch of things we ended up needing to get life going smoothly; thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

Here’s my list of Mama essentials that will help smooth those first few weeks with baby:

1. Waterproof Sheet Protectors – if you don’t want to change your sheets with every single diaper or nipple leak, you’ll want these pads. I got about 6, since in those early days we went through about two or three a night.

2. Naturacare Maternity Pads – these all natural cotton pads will definitely help all the tenderness down there. Bonus, because these are all natural cotton, you won’t get the feeling of a UTI that Always Pads or anything that wicks can give you.

3. Extra Swaddle Blankets – I had a 4-pack, and with diaper leaks and spit up happening so often, we blew through them in one night. Our little guy needed to be swaddled to sleep soundly, so that didn’t work. We got a bunch more and cut down the daily laundry.

4. Extra Peri Bottle – the hospital or your midwife will give you one, but I highly recommend having two – one filled with warm water and the other with sitz bath herb water.

5. Extra Changing Pad Covers – You will go through these so fast…

xo. Brie