I took a trip to Haiti

I recently traveled with Cross International to photograph some of our projects in Haiti, as well as interview families benefiting from our work there.  I’d never been to Haiti, but traveling is my favorite, so I loaded up my camera and anti-malaria meds and took off.

What I saw was incredible.

I’m not talking about the poverty or the sickness, the mud huts, families still living in tents, or the kids eating dirt cookies. Yes, those things were all present and heartbreaking, but that’s not what really caught my eye.

What most amazed me about Haiti were the people. They’re hardworking, friendly, and caring. They see you and immediately smile and greet you. I can’t speak any Creole, but I got by on my meager knowledge of French. “Bonjour, bonsoir, and merci beaucoup” were the only words I directly exchanged with anyone. But through the translator I was able to hear their stories. Stories of how a family that has 6 children will still share their food with the neighbors. Stories of how a little girl would walk two hours a day just to get clean water; and always did it without complaining. Stories of the community coming together to harvest the communal cornfields so the local school could feed the kids a hot lunch every day.

The love of people is what struck me in Haiti.

Here’s a few of my favorite photos from the trip. I hope they touch you like they did me.







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