City lovin’ happened so fast…

Two days down, and I’m still conscious. Which is amazing, considering I tend to have the attention span of a YouTube video; yet somehow my brain is still working.

It’s always exciting to be surrounded by people interested in and doing the same thing as you. Here at the Non-Profit Technology Convention, there are hundreds of people from all over the country who work in the non-profit world, each sharing similar joys, failures, and challenges. It’s fun to meet new people over lunch and see what you have in common, as well as commiserate over how snow in the eye stings a lot, coffee stopped keeping you awake, and our boots have soaked through to the soles.

A few tips for anyone convention bound:

1. Drink your body weight in coffee. Both to stay warm, and to stay awake.

2. Listen to music between sessions. If there’s ever a need to zone out and save your brain it’s between sessions on social data, meta tags, and measuring metrics.

3. Make friends with a local. It doesn’t have to be lets-braid-each-others-hair friendly, but just friendly enough to ask them what to see in that area of the city. Locals know stuff.

Besides all the learning, we’ve also been doing a lot of exploring. I’m here with my co-worker Adora and boss Nell, and the three of us have traipsed blocks in pursuit of city adventures.And of course, made friends with the guys at the wine store. Have to stay warm somehow…

Adora and I were both born in Southern California, and now live in Florida. See a theme? Yeah. Warmth. We like to be warm and consider Florida’s recent “cold-spell” of 40 degrees to be extreme. However, for a few days, snow can be quite magical. I know I’ve enjoyed it.

xo. Brie



This is Adora’s face when we walked out in the snowstorm.
That smile stayed in place until we got a big gust of wind and snow to the face…


Coffee. Is. Essential.



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