The Book Wall Project

So I was looking for a way to put some sort of decoration on my wall without actually painting, when I came across the idea of doing a book wall. I guess a more accurate description would be a book-page wall, because you literally cut the pages out of a book and basically glue them to a wall (disclaimer, some books did fall casualty to this art project. They will always be remembered).

I didn’t want to just glue straight only the wall, because I live in an apartment and when moving day inevitable comes, I didn’t feel like scraping glue and paper off a wall. So Adora and I came up with the plan to staple large pieces of white poster board to the wall and glue on to those. It worked perfectly!

Featured on the wall are the books Jane Eyre (my favorite book of all time), Pride & Prejudice, and two French books I found for a penny on Amazon whose names I can’t remember because, well, they’re in French,

Cut, staple, glue, repeat. It’s a little time consuming, but the result is exactly what I was going for (a sort of Parisian loft feel…a girl can dream).

xo. Brie

book wall half way 2
After we stapled the poster board to the wall, Adora and I started gluing on the pages working inward from the edges
book wall half way 1
The French book pages give it a certain, je ne sais quoi
book wall nearly done
Nearly done! Just one more hole to fill in
book wall tools
To keep it cheap and easy, I used Elmer’s school glue and a sponge to put the glue on the wall, then carefully laid each page on
book wall done
Finished book page wall!

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