The Record Rack

record_adora_ps I love records. I have small but growing collection of classic records. However I’m missing one crucial record-lover piece of equipment: a record player. Adora and I happened to be driving down Atlantic Ave. the other day (in hot pursuit of Pad Thai, naturally) and happened to spot The Record Rack, an little hole-in-the-wall record shop. record_store_ps Of course we had to stop in, and what we found was so fun. A small little shop, you can find new albums, old albums, and even new and used record player. The owner restores record players and resells them – mostly for the love of records.record_excited_ps We’ve been back a few times already, and Adora has since picked up a used record player that we’re trying to figure out how to wire to modern speakers. But that’s a post for another day.

Today, love where you live.

xo. Brie

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