Coffee Bar!

coffee_done_ps The only downside of our darling little Bungalow is the lack of counter space. After some serious pinterest-ing, I decided to help add space, I needed to build a coffee bar. Essentially it’s creating space from nothing!coffee_before_ps I started by heading out with Adora and Amy to find the “bar” portion at a local thrift shop. It took a good 5 shops or so, but I finally tracked down this little treasure for $25. It was a bit banged up, and needed a little love.coffee_painted_ps
This love of course took the form of a good sanding, priming, painting and distressing.coffee_inside_ps I wanted a little bit bigger top, and some contrast to the turquoise, so I decided to get unfinished wood boards and stain them. When they were finished, I nailed them to the top for a larger table-top.coffee_knobs_ps coffee_knobs-2_ps Amy and I found this pair of red drawer knobs at Anthropologie and they just tied everything together so nicely. coffee_done_ps Using the leftover stain, we bought a few larger board cut to the same length, and hung them as shelves using spray-painted brackets. The whole project cost around $80, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

xo. Brie

3 thoughts on “Coffee Bar!”

  1. That is such a great idea and looks super cute. Great job! I’m moving out of my parents’ house into a condo in a couple of weeks, and while space really isn’t an issue, it’d be fun to try something like this for my deck. Thanks for the inspiration!

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