Dexter the cat

dex_one_ps I suppose it’s time to tell the story of Dexter the cat. My cat. He was a runty, orange stray that Adora’s husband Josh found out behind Church by the Glades, where he works. When Josh found little Dex, he was teeny-tiny and abandoned. To make it even more pathetic it was raining and he was meowing. Well, if you can call the tiny squeak of a (maybe) 3 week old kitten a meow. He was so little he needed to be bottle fed. Poor little baby. dex_baby_ps dex_car-baby_ps I fell in love with him, and took him home. Since he was so small, I had to sneak him into work with me for the first week or two so I could bottle feed him every hour or so. He was a trooper, being stuffed in my purse morning and night, and never made a peep. I think he began to enjoy all our car rides together. To this day, he’s the easiest cat to get in the car. dex_us-sleeping_ps It wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows…Dexter was one of the nastiest kittens ever. He’d bite and scratch you like nobodies business, and I was convinced he’d grow up into the meanest cat ever. I guess naming your cat after your favorite serial killer is a bad idea…but he had his sweet moments too. dex_adult_ps And it worked out. He is now one of the sweetest little cats ever. He comes in for snuggles every morning, and when you brush your teeth he puts his front paws on your chest and hugs your neck. Kitty hug style. He’s the cutest. dex_grown-sleep_ps
And that’s the story of Dexter the cat.

xo. Brie

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