The Victoria Library

In Victoria, the library isn’t your typical little run down building with dusty shelves and books with the covers ripped off (yeah, I’m talking to you Broward Library, let’s at least pretend we care.)

Sorry, back to the point.

The State Library in Victoria is gorgeous. Built in 1854, it holds over 2 million books and 16,000 serials, as well as the armor of Ned Kelly, one of Australia’s criminal legends. Inside the library, the La Trobe reading room has a giant overhead dome, and was designed to hold over a million books and 500 readers at the old reading desks that extend out from the center of the room.

Books are kind of my thing, so this was one of my favorite spots so far along the trip. There’s something almost magical about books that were written a hundred years ago, and have somehow made their way into your hand at one exact moment. If you’re in Victoria, definitely go see the library.

“Books are threads from which the fabric of our culture and civilization are woven.”
– Richard W Clement (from the ribbon of words around the rotunda of the Victoria State Library)

xo. Brie

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