Hosier Lane :: Graffiti Art

Hosier Lane is a blue-stone cobbled road tucked back behind some ordinary looking buildings, nothing about it initially would catch your eye. And then you see the art. The graffiti goes up and down the sides of the buildings, with fresh and faded colors melding and blending together to create a swirl of different textures and colors. The art is all different styles, with a good deal of political messages weaved in. Animals, people, words, pictures; all are featured on different parts of the wall.

There’s a stairwell at the heart of Hosier Lane that looks to be straight out of “West Side Story” and gives a sort of historical feel to the area. At least I thought so (then again, I compare most things to musicals, so maybe that’s just me).

Anyway, if you love street art, definitely check out Hosier Lane. What started as basic street art that the city would try to cover up, has blossomed into a well known urban cultural area hidden right behind an ordinary street.

xo. Brie

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