Half-marathon training begins…now

Running the 2013 Bahamas half-marathon (pardon the blurry photo)

I’ve been putting it off long enough…time to start training! In January, I’ll be running in the Sunshine Marathon Bahamas race (running the half, obvs. I’m not THAT crazy) for the second time. Last year was amazing, by far the best run I’ve ever done. And you get a weekend in the Bahamas so…yeah, sign me up!
Your running playlist makes ALL the difference in the world. I need upbeat, techno, get-your-blood-pumping music.

I went for my first, I’ve-officially-started-training run today. 3.5 miles, and it didn’t feel too bad. Of course my killer playlist helped. I like to use Hal Higdon’s training plan with a few tweaks (like, not running 10 miles the weekend before the race, cuz that’s crazy). I sort of combine the Novice 1 and Novice 2 plans, and come up with a hybrid of my own.

Have you ever run a half marathon? What was your experience?

xo. Brie

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