Routines & Rituals


What do you think of when you hear the word “ritual”? I think this word can often have a richer connotation than the word “routine”, it seems to talk about something done with respect or ever reverence; something with a deeper meaning.

The idea of daily routines and rituals sort of hit me the other day as I woke up and realized, well, that I have them. Being the sort of person who needs to mix things up and do different things every day, I never really consider myself to have a set routine. But, I do. I think we all do. And it’s sort of strange to stop and think about it. It’s calming I think; there’s something secure about doing the same thing over and over. For me this looks like a long string of little things. Things like turning on my Michael Buble Pandora station every morning while I shower, or lighting my favorite candle when I walk in the door from work. Things like getting a Grande Toffee Nut latte every Sunday morning on the way to church.

So what does that all mean? I’m not sure. But I think we should encourage small routines and rituals in our lives to help feel more connected to both our lives and our communities. If you have a Saturday morning ritual of going to a farmers market, or getting a special cup of coffee, then go for it. Maybe you like to watch the sun set, or cook a special meal every Sunday night. Whatever it is, do it. And notice it. And enjoy it.

What are some daily routines or rituals you enjoy?

xo. Brie

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