Happy {Belated} Halloween!

Halloween came and went pretty quickly this year. I mean, are we really in November already?? Amazing. Christmas trees are right around the corner…I can (almost) smell them. Ah, and carols, and cool weather…

…where was I? Oh yeah. Halloween. Well I don’t usually dress up, but seeing as I had a few parties to go to, I decided to try out my skill on a rag-doll costume. Presenting, Raggedy Ann!
1. I did sort of an overstated “rag doll” look to make the eyes, cheeks and freckles pop under the wig.
2. Using a liquid liner proved to give the best control over the lash points. It also didn’t bleed through all the sweat of wearing basically a wool beanie on your head in South Florida so, I’m calling that a win.
3. I made (yeah, MADE) a reg wig using a tutorial from Katie over at A Beautiful Mess. Her stuff is amazing, seriously. Crafting genius people!
4. And there you have it! I paired it with a plaid top, striped shorts (I was going to ride in Critical Mass…yeah, biking in a costume. More on that later.) an apron, knee high socks, and converse. Boom, rag doll.

What did you go as for Halloween?

xo. Brie

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