Crossfit for Noobs

So about two months ago I started Crossfit. I’d been doing bootcamp for the past year, in addition to running, yoga and Pilates. And now it was time to step it up! And so the research began. Which corssfit gym to go to? What’s crossfit form? What the heck is an AMRAP? WHY DO THEY SPEAK IN ACRONYMS?!?

For the record, kipping hurts your hands SO bad when you first get started…

…I was a bit confused.
Thankfully, my roommate knew some people who go to a local box (that’s what they call a gym) and we decided to try it out. And I loved it. Don’t get me wrong, that ish is hard! I never thought I’d be doing any Olympic style lifting, well, ever. But there I am doing those deadlifts and hang power snatches now! It’s pretty rewarding.

Where’s this going? Don’t worry. This isn’t about to turn into a crossfit blog. But for those of you thinking of maybe trying it out, Here’s a few helpful things I found on my first day in the box.

WOD = Workout of the day
Box = Crossfit gym, aka, large suare room full of things that look like they belong in a torture chamber.
Rx’d = As prescribed, aka, you did the weight and reps that the xfit gods decided upon in xfit heaven.
AMRAP = As many rounds as possible, aka, keep going till time runs out or you die, whatever comes first.
EMOM = Every minute on the minute, aka, get it done as quick as possible to get as much rest between rounds as you can.
MetCon = Metabolic Conditioning, conditioning the muscles to be more effective at burning fuel and producing energy, aka, it’s gonna suck…

That’s all for now, my arms are tired…

xo. Brie

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