Resolutions and Ruminations

I have to say, so far 2014 has been an easy transition. Usually I write last years date for months after New Year’s, but this year that “14” just flows onto the page. I think I’m ready for this year – looking forward to some changes. From where I sit right now, those include everything from turning 25, to moving across the country, to a possible wedding…

And that’s what I love about a new year. The possibility. Anything can happen this year, you could travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. You could meet that special someone, or perhaps celebrate another year of being together. You could learn a new skill, or instrument, or bake that cake that looks SO hard. Anything might happen, and it’s exciting.

My resolutions this year are a little more fluid that hard goals. I resolve to:
1. Stop rushing everywhere, become more serene
2. Decide if and where I want to go back to school, and what I want to study
3. Move back to California
4. Read 25 books, 10 of which are classics
5. Make (and stick to) a budget

There it is. And now, you all can keep me accountable! What are your resolutions?

xo. Brie

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