As fondness grows…

Well, life has been busy. Busier than usual I should say. But it’s time to get back to the blog! I decided to let myself off the hook and just post some thought pieces. I know, you all come around for my incredibly artistic creations and culinary masterpieces (sarcasm, obvs), but now you’re getting words. And stories. And girl talk, we can all girl talk here, right? And since all good girl talk centers on and revolves around boys, (also, it’s Valentine’s Day), here’s my boy story.
First off, what comes to mind when you hear the words “long distance”? For me it was always the word “relationship” followed by a string of words like “impractical” “overly-optimistic” and even “impossible”. Why? Well, that’s the question I had to work out when I inadvertently, and almost accidentally, found myself in one.

Jim and I first met a year and a half ago when my roommate and I went over to hang out with his roommates and watch Dexter (you know the hit show about a serial killer I named my cat after? That Dexter). Apparently when Dexter killed someone, I giggled, and that was when Jim fell head over heels. Ok that’s a lie, he thought I was twisted but funny, which, I mean, I am. Fast forward two weeks, he comes over to cook me dinner (I couldn’t say no, I LOVE dinner) and in-between bites of spaghetti, tells me he’s headed to Australia for a year. In 14 days.

My words were something like, “uh, wow. So, why are you here?” (I know, I’m the sweetest) and he didn’t really have a good answer, he just knew he needed to ask me out. And we connected. For the next 14 days we spent nearly every spare moment together – watching Audrey Hepburn movies (my idea), watching ALL of Louis CK’s stand-up (his idea), going to the beach, dinner, breakfast, everything. And then he left. There were of course the “let’s keep in touches” and “if we don’t meet other people…” And then he jumped in a U-Haul and drove north to drop his stuff at home in NC before flying literally halfway around the world.

bun 2And well, we stayed in touch. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t really even that hard. Sure there was a 14 hour time difference and we could only talk over facebook message at first, since texting internationally isn’t only next to impossible, but incredibly pricey. But I think we got to know each other in a deeper way, talking about life, our days, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It brings you together.

Anyway, that’s quite enough for now, before I bore you with any more sappy details.

Happy Friday, babes!

xo. Brie.

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