Venue Shopping

20140420-135324.jpgWell, I’ve found it! Not that I did much shopping…I’ve had this place in mind for a while. I love the idea of having your community around you to come together at your wedding. I’m planning on doing as much DIY with friends as possible, so it’s truly a community effort. And now, we’ve found a lovely place IN the community where we can get married.
This is the Historical Richardson House in Wilton Manors. The plan is to hold the ceremony in front of the gazebo along the brick walkway, followed by a cocktail hour out in front.
The house has a second story, so I’m looking forward to some aerial type photos of the ceremony. Sort of a birds eye view of things…
After the ceremony and cocktail hour, the reception will be out under this covered area. I imagine lots of white fabric, bistro lighting, babies breath everywhere; an all over etherial/rustic/vintage look.
It’ll take a bit of elbow grease, but I’m excited. I think with some vision and vintage rentals we can really transform this space. I’m mostly excited that we found a somewhere we can have both the ceremony and reception so no one has to leave to drive somewhere else. We can all just hang out and party!

What did you look for in a wedding venue?

xo. Brie

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