Sundried Tomato Hummus

Someone once told me the key to good hummus is patience…I think it’s patience and the ability to tolerate loud noises for an extended amount of time. 20140525-151539-54939583.jpg
The thing with hummus is, you have to blend it longer than you think you should ever have to blend anything. But you blend and blend and eventually you get delicious, and in this case, totally organic hummus! 20140525-151718-55038880.jpg
I like to take the tahini, lemon, and about half of the olive oil and blend those together first until pretty smooth. Then add the tomatoes and the garlic, blend until smooth again. Finally, add the garbanzo beans. Blend blend, add a little more olive oil, add some of the water the garbanzos came in, add the salt. Blend blend blend. Basically until it’s at a consistency that you can live with. I like my hummus EXTREMELY smooth so this is a long process for me, but it’s so worth it. 20140525-151822-55102605.jpg
Top it with a little extra olive oil, and some paprika and/or cayenne and serve it up with whatever you like, I’m a big fan of falafel chips these days.

1/3 cup tahini
1/2 large lemon’s juice
2 cloves of garlic chopped
1 can organic garbanzo beans (water put to the side)
3 tbsp. e.v.o.o.
3-4 olive oil packed sun dried tomatoes
Himalayan Salt to taste
Paprika and Cayenne to dust on top

xo. Brie

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