Adventures in Gold Leafing

20140613-102949-37789527.jpg Well the wedding countdown is on, and it’s finally time for some crafting! The colors are ivory, navy and gold. I decided to pull in the gold on some vases I’ve thrifted to be the tablescapes on my family-style table set-up. I thought it would be tough, but it’a actually a pretty simple project!
Start with your vase of choice, and decide where you want the gold to be on the glass. Paint the adhesive wherever you want it to stick. For this piece, I wanted gold all around the bottom, so that’s where I kept the adhesive.
It goes on a sort of milky color, so here you want to be patient. Wait until the adhesive has turned completely clear. The instructions said wait up to 30 minutes, but I found it only took about 15 before it was dry and extremely tacky.
And then you just press on the gold leaf! It’s essentially extremely thin gold foil, and warning: it does tear easily.
My first few pieces were a bit rougher, but then I got the hang of it alright. In the end, I’ll need probably around 40 pieces, so, I figure by the end I’ll be an expert!
And there you have it! DIY gold leafing. What will you turn to gold?

xo. Brie

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