Cork Lettering

I love wine. I love wine a lot. And being a wine aficionado, I end up with a lot of corks, that I’ve been saving up for some sort of project to stand out to me. And it did! I decided to make a cork-covered letter as a little decor piece for my wedding. It was really simple, and like I said, I had a lot of corks…L
I started out with a wooden letter “L” since that will be my new initial. You can get these at any craft store, or be like me and skip that step by ordering right from Amazon. And then you simple glue the corks on end until you cover it all up! 20140626-141212-51132157.jpg Ta-da! There you have it! I used Elmer’s Craft Bond tacky glue, and it seems to be holding strong. I think it’ll add a nice little something to the decor.

Happy corking!

xo. Brie

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