Loaded Coronas

Happy 5:00! Ok, so maybe it’s not 5 where you are, but this little treasure is something to keep in your cocktail back-pocket. Loaded Coronas. Simple, easy, and so good. To make these, you’ll need:

Lime wedge

Drink the corona down so the neck is empty. Then fill about halfway (more if you’re brave or a tequila lover like me) with tequila. I usually drink Cabo Wabo, but only had Jose Cuervo on hand.
Squeeze a lime wedge right into the corona like you usually would. At this point, I like to put my hand on the mouth and tip the whole thing upside down to mix throughly…so you get a little lime and tequila deliciousness in each sip
And there you have it! Raise a glass with me and enjoy the goodness. This goes excellently with tacos, chips and guac, or on it’s own for happy hour.

xo. Brie

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