What a Magical Year it’s Been

2015 YIRCan 2015 really be over already? I can’t help but look back over this past year and be grateful for all the experiences I’ve had and lessons I’ve learned. 

I learned how to find a new job in a new city, and use public transportation to get there. 

I went skiing and was reminded that while it’s not my favorite activity, there’s something magical about seeing snow on the ground. 

I traveled with Jim to another country (albeit Canada), and shared adventure and pieces of my childhood while floating on a lake and eating locally grown corn and peaches. 

I completed a 10.2 mile hike in the redwoods and learned that while it’s hard, hiking is very rewarding.

I traveled to Austin to visit my best friend on two very different occasions – once to enjoy and explore her home, and once to sit in a hospital room and hold hands while we waited and prayed for her husbands recovery. 

I celebrated my first wedding anniversary with the love of my life, and have learned a piece of what it means to be a partner to someone. A lesson we’ll keep learning more of year after year. 

And maybe most exciting of all, I’ve experienced the miracle of a tiny person growing, moving and kicking and waiting to join our family in the new year. 

Sorry for the long post, but these pregnancy hormones have me feeling nostalgic today. 2015 was amazing. Here’s to an awesome and even more adventurous new year! 

xo. Brie

Baby Bun, Here We Come!

Well it’s official! We’re expecting a baby! 13 weeks in, and we’re starting to really wrap our heads around the fact that come next March we’ll have a little joining our family. It’s going to be amazing, trying, and a whole new adventure. So, stay tuned for rants, baby item testing, and bump pics.

Here we go!

xo. Brie


This past weekend we got the chance to go floating with a bunch of friends up in the Russian River, and it was a blast! We floated for about 4 hours, though it was slow, and we only covered about .7 miles, haha!

A few floating Pro-tips:
1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Reapply every hour! We used 50 but didn’t reapply enough and fried. Use. The. Screen.
2. Ice is everything. We had a bunch of beer, and two hours in, it was still frosty and cold, just how you want it to be! Don’t skimp on the ice.
3. Invest in a floating cooler. It will clip right to your float, and you’ll always have a cold one right by your side!
4. Zipsicles. If you’re wondering what they are, they’re homemade (alcoholic) popsicles that are the BEST mid-float. Use these to store and freeze them.
5. Bring all your friend! And tie the tubes all together to make a massive floatilla.

Happy floating!
xo. Brie

Palace of Fine Arts

We finally made it out to see the Palace of Fine Arts, and it did not disappoint. This massive structure is beautiful, and you feel like you’re in Rome or Spain, and not the Marina of San Francisco. Swans float on the lake in front, and the columns and gold etching give beautiful details. I definitely recommend a stroll past this gorgeous palace on your next trip to SF!
What’s truly amazing is the history of the Palace. It was built ad part of the massive World Fair that took place in San Francisco in 1910 to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal. This was San Francisco’s way of showing the world they had risen from the ashes of the devastating 1906 earthquake. To read more about it, click here.

xo. Brie

Hiking Big Basin

Now that I’m officially a Northern Californian, I figured it was time to start adopting some new outdoor hobbies and enjoying the surrounding areas. City life is great, but sometimes you just need to breakaway and get into nature. So…hiking it is! This was the Big Basin trail, which runs about 10.5 miles and took us about 4.5 hours to finish. Along the way we saw two waterfalls and were surrounded by redwoods which are hundreds of years old. But what really caught me off guard was the smell. The air was not only clean, but smelled of trees and moss and sunshine and everything natural and good. I can’t wait to head out for the next hiking adventure!