Tree Time!


20131203-122221.jpgGetting the Christmas tree is once of my favorite parts of Christmas. It was always so fun as a kid going to the tree lot, walking up and down the rows of trees, finding the tallest and fullest tree we could to bring home and decorate. While we decorated, we always had hot apple cider and Christmas carols playing – and you knew Christmas time was officially here.

This year, living away from family with a roommate, we made our own special night. Amy, Jim and I all headed out and picked out a sweet little tree, and came home to decorate it while sipping wine and listening to carols. It was wonderful. And Dexter decided the tree was his new play toy…so naturally he climbed up inside…

…the next morning the bottom of the tree was bare and about 20 balls were on the floor. Oh the joys of living with cats…

What are your Christmas traditions?

xo. Brie


shower-curtain_ps…excuse the bathroom pic. But I got this new shower curtain and I’m stoked about it! I’ve basically been on a mission to get my apartment decorated how I want it before the holidays. So, the countdown is on. Now I just need to pick new floor mats…and towels…and possibly paint…

Darn inspiration! Oh well, I love it.

xo. Brie.

French Room: Update

So I did a little sewing last weekend, trying to pull this room together! If you’ve ever visited South Florida in the summer, you understand why being outside sanding, painting, and finished furniture is a no-go. Seriously. However, fall is coming! So back to the room it is!
I love mixing prints to get a more eclectic look and feel. I combined a few different looks to mix things up a bit. Fun, no?
For the pillows, I went with a white damask for the shams, then did an accent pillow in french script. Turns out you can buy pillow shapes, already stuffed, and just sew covers for them! Did you all already know that? I’m probably late to that party…oh well. I still need to find a good red for one last accent pillow.
For my curtains, I went with a bold polka dot. Why not? A simple curtain in a bold pattern helps bring a room together, in my opinion.
Can’t forget flowers, I’m on a huge babies breath kick right now. Can’t. Get. Enough.
And finally, what room is complete without some Silvia Plath poetry? No room is the answer. No room.

That’s all for now!

xo. Brie

DIY Abstract Painting

I’ll be honest with you, painting has never been my thing. Not from lack of trying or passion, I just can’t paint. My people like aliens and my trees look like green blobs. That said…look at my painting! Abstract seems to be my thing.
paint_canvas painting
I adapted this painting from a tutorial found on A Beautiful Mess for a DIY abstract painting. Because I have a smaller space with stronger colors, I went for a more punchy look. I started by panting the canvas because I wanted a yellow background.
paint_halfway done
From there, I layered different shapes on top of each other. My colors in the living room are deep red, turquoise, and yellow, so those are the shades I went with.
I added some lighter color accents, and boom! Painting. I hung it over the kitchen table, and it really gives a nice pop to the room. If you’re a great painter I’m sure yours will look even better. And if you’re painting-challenged like me…see? You can do it!

Happy painting!

xo. Brie

DIY: Chalkboard frame

frame_done_ps Amy had the great idea to make a chalk board frame that we could use an a message board here at Bungalow. And it turned out adorable! frame_horn_ps For someone who claims not to be crafty, she knocked this one out of the park.frame_before_ps She found this old, slightly gaudy frame at a thrift store on sale for $4. Pretty good steal considering it was originally $8. We wanted that old look, but not in this color… frame_chalk-paint_ps From there, she used chalkboard paint to paint the glass. If you don’t have chalkboard paint, go get some. Now. Do it. you can paint nearly anything and then write on it! Sorry, got distracted. Back to the project…frame_chalk-paint-close_ps Since it’s an old frame, the back didn’t come off, so she taped it off to paint it. frame_painting_ps
frame_done_ps After that, all that was left to do was paint the frame yellow, and it was done! We hung it by the door and are going to put hooks underneath to hang keys on. Ta-da! Now to think of some clever notes to leave…

xo. Brie