Baby Registry For A Tiny Space

Living in a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco, setting up a separate nursery isn’t an option – so baby’s things are just being integrated into all of our pre-existing furniture! Because of this restriction, I’ve spent a ton of time reading, researching, and talking to mamas about what pieces are essential, and what we can skip. This week I’m working on setting up our space, so I’ll have more pics then! But for now, here are the main items I ended up registering for:

Stroller1. Stroller – I spent time pining over the gorgeous $800+ Nuna and Orbit styles, but then I found this gem that has many of the same features but runs way cheaper. Having the handle be tall was important for me as I’m 5’10” and this one is perfect. I also opted for a jogger, since I know I want to get back to running once baby is here, and we just don’t have space for both a stroller and a jogger. Plus, the city has some pretty bumpy sidewalks, so the larger wheels should cushion the ride for baby.


Car Seat2. Carseat – this is the same brand carseat as the stroller. It’s a snap gear, so it pops into place with one simple click. Safety wise it ranked well, so I felt great about this cheaper option for a quality product.



Crib3. Crib – I plan to co-sleep with our little babe, so having something attached to the bed was my goal. I found this awesome Ikea hack, which uses this crib style since one of the sides come off. You can then tether it securely to the bed, and voila! Baby has his own space, but can easily be slid over to nurse during the night. Win win.


Little lounger4. Graco Little Lounger – In place of a full size swing, I opted for this smaller piece which still rocks and has a vibrate feature. Since our place is small, this its nicely in our living room where baby can sleep while we’re on the couch.



And that’s pretty much it! Well, as far as large pieces go. I have a bunch of plastic bins under the bed full of swaddling blankets, clothes, a boppy, floor play gym, and all of those smaller things. But thankfully our space isn’t feeling too overwhelmed with baby things, but I think we still have our bases covered!

What’s been your lifesaver when it comes to your babe?

xo. Brie

Third Trimester! 

Man, time is flying! And all of a sudden this little buddy has popped. He moves around so much every day – it’s so crazy and amazing to get to feel him stretching those little limbs and getting tiny baby hiccups. I’m so in love with this boy already.

I have to say, compared to the first trimester, the second was a breeze. No morning sickness, I felt great, kept exercising, and basically ate a horse every day. Oh, I guess THAT’S where this belly came from…

xo. Brie

Christmas In the Window

Well apparently I’ve been watching too much Fixer Upper (is anyone else obsessed with that show??) because as I was walking to the grocery store with Mr. Bun this weekend, I saw this old window in a pile of trash and just had to have it. I couldn’t let that distressed wood and open window look go to waste!
When I say I got this out of the garbage, I’m not kidding. The group of men cleaning out their garage must have thought I was crazy when I asked if I could have this. So much dirt and dust and spider webs – and my lucky husband got to carry it all the way up the hill home. Have I mentioned he’s the best?
Really though, after a thourough cleaning, this window looked just lovely.
For now it’s a part of my Christmas decorations, but I’m excited to find a more permanent place for it come the new year!

xo. Brie

Canvas Prints

Getting settled into the new apartment means FINALLY putting some photos and prints on the walls (is it still a new apartment if you’ve lived there 7 months already?). I found a Groupon for canvas prints, so decided to make these babies! Ok, I might have gotten carried away with putting a wedding canvas print in the bathroom…but I just love them.


More decor to come!

xo. Brie