Booch Update

The ‘booch is coming along! I began test tasting it around day 7, and by day 9 I had the sweet to acid ratio I was looking for. So it’s time for the second ferment! I decided to make two bottles of plain kombucha and then a cinnamon apple flavor. I simply added a few slices of apple and some cinnamon sticks. Easy peasy! This will sit on the counter for another 2 days and then into the refrigerator we go.

What kombucha flavor is your favorite?

Adventures in Kombucha

Welcome to our adventures in Kombucha brewing! Kombucha is one of my favorite drinks, but at $4 a bottle I try to keep it as an occasional splurge and not a daily thing. And then I read about how simple it is to make your own! So here we go…

I boiled 15 cups of purified water and poured it over 8 black tea bags. Then added in one cup of sugar to essentially make sweet tea.

Here’s my sweet tea ready to cool down and get ready for the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, in case you were about to google it like I did.)

And there’s my little SCOBY buddy! It looks like a circle of…well, flesh…but this little thing is what’s supposed to turn sweet tea into tasty ‘Booch. Along with the SCOBY I added 2 cups of Kombucha to act as a starter tea to kick start the process and keep the pH levels right.

So now we wait! Apparently the fermentation process can take 5 to 30 days, depending on the temperature, SCOBY, etc. So, I’ll be checking in occasionally here to let you know how it goes!

Have you made Kombucha before? Any tips would be appreciated!

xo. Brie

Wine Kitchen

IMG_0145.JPG For Friday night date night, the husband and I headed down Divisadero in search of a place to grab a drink and sit for a while after unpacking boxes all day. We found ourselves in Wine Kitchen, a wine and tapas bar. The wine was amazing, we got a carafe of a local red (ok, we got two…it was date night!) and a few tapas plates to share. The herbed gnocchi and pork confit were amazing, and the atmosphere was lovely. Definitely date night material.

Wine Kitchen
507 Divisadero St
San Francisco, CA 94117

xo. Brie

Loaded Coronas

Happy 5:00! Ok, so maybe it’s not 5 where you are, but this little treasure is something to keep in your cocktail back-pocket. Loaded Coronas. Simple, easy, and so good. To make these, you’ll need:

Lime wedge

Drink the corona down so the neck is empty. Then fill about halfway (more if you’re brave or a tequila lover like me) with tequila. I usually drink Cabo Wabo, but only had Jose Cuervo on hand.
Squeeze a lime wedge right into the corona like you usually would. At this point, I like to put my hand on the mouth and tip the whole thing upside down to mix throughly…so you get a little lime and tequila deliciousness in each sip
And there you have it! Raise a glass with me and enjoy the goodness. This goes excellently with tacos, chips and guac, or on it’s own for happy hour.

xo. Brie

Blue Bottle Coffee

If you’re in San Francisco, and coffee’s your thing (as it is mine), you NEED to check out the Blue Bottle Coffee in Hayes Valley. It literally looks like they opened up a little garage and set up for business, and it was the best coffee I’ve had since Melbourne, Australia.

Blue Bottle Coffee
315 Linden St
San Francisco, CA 94102
b/t Octavia St & Gough St in Hayes Valley

It sits in a little alleyway, where you almost think you’ve missed it…but then you see that magical little blue bottle and you know everything is about to be delicious. There are places all through the city that serve BBC, however I definitely recommend this location, as it’s by far the cutest (and sure to make you feel the most hipster).

xo. Brie