5 Minute Makeup

If there’s one thing you’re short on with a new baby, it’s definitely “me” time. Little things like drying your hair or doing makeup begin to feel like luxuries! One of the things motherhood is teaching me is the importance of stealing a moment or two throughout the day for some self-care. Be it cooking and eating a nutritious meal, taking a hot shower, or sneaking in a few yoga poses – when you get a moment alone to collect yourself and feel good, it carries on to your baby.

So, in the spirit of self care, here’s my 5 minute mama makeup routine! After a shower, or just washing my face, I use Aveeno Positively Radiant tinted moisturizer. I follow that with powder foundation and a touch of blush. A bit of eyeliner on the upper waterline, natural colored eye-shadow, mascara, and a swipe of lip gloss and you’re done! 5 easy minutes and I feel ready to face the day.

xo. Brie

Bridesmaids: will you be mine?

I knew I wanted to ask my bridesmaids to be, well, my bridesmaids, in a special way. And what could be better than a token of my affection to guilt them into serving me hand and foot? Oh, I mean, supporting me on my big day? Earrings!
I messages Michelle over at Millionayres, my favorite Etsy store for earrings, and explained what I was thinking. She was sweet enough to work with me, and make these adorable “Will you be?” stickers for each box. And they turned out seriously adorable.
The earrings are cream with lace over top. So pretty, dainty and perfect. Each of the girls loved them, and so far, they’ve all said yes. I still have a few more to distribute, so, shhhh…
I mean really, how could you say no?

xo. Brie

DIY: Fixed up thrift-store sweater

Why hello, green sweater vest. I took this gem home with me from Goodwill for around $1. At the time, all the buttons were attached, but that quickly changed. So, now it’s time to spruce it up… I never liked the green buttons on the green sweater anyway. Now to give it a new look, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.
photo 2 Stitch rip the rest of the buttons out… if this left holes too big, then sew those closed.
photo 3Sew on fabulous tortoise shell buttons with a contrasting thread color like orange. Also, try only doing straight horizontal stitches instead of an X pattern into all four holes for a little more interesting look.
photo 4You’re done and it looks fabulous…reward yourself with another cup of coffee.

I hope this opens your eyes a little bit so next time you’re thrifting, you can see that just because things aren’t perfect on the hanger, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t come home with you. Let me know what you find, and how you fix it up.
Guest Post from the talented Adora Mae