City lovin’ happened so fast…

Two days down, and I’m still conscious. Which is amazing, considering I tend to have the attention span of a YouTube video; yet somehow my brain is still working.

It’s always exciting to be surrounded by people interested in and doing the same thing as you. Here at the Non-Profit Technology Convention, there are hundreds of people from all over the country who work in the non-profit world, each sharing similar joys, failures, and challenges. It’s fun to meet new people over lunch and see what you have in common, as well as commiserate over how snow in the eye stings a lot, coffee stopped keeping you awake, and our boots have soaked through to the soles.

A few tips for anyone convention bound:

1. Drink your body weight in coffee. Both to stay warm, and to stay awake.

2. Listen to music between sessions. If there’s ever a need to zone out and save your brain it’s between sessions on social data, meta tags, and measuring metrics.

3. Make friends with a local. It doesn’t have to be lets-braid-each-others-hair friendly, but just friendly enough to ask them what to see in that area of the city. Locals know stuff.

Besides all the learning, we’ve also been doing a lot of exploring. I’m here with my co-worker Adora and boss Nell, and the three of us have traipsed blocks in pursuit of city adventures.And of course, made friends with the guys at the wine store. Have to stay warm somehow…

Adora and I were both born in Southern California, and now live in Florida. See a theme? Yeah. Warmth. We like to be warm and consider Florida’s recent “cold-spell” of 40 degrees to be extreme. However, for a few days, snow can be quite magical. I know I’ve enjoyed it.

xo. Brie



This is Adora’s face when we walked out in the snowstorm.
That smile stayed in place until we got a big gust of wind and snow to the face…


Coffee. Is. Essential.



I’ve been thinking, over thinking…

Sometimes we spend so much time wrapped up in our own lives, we miss the precious moments going on around us. Like these adorable sleeping kittens. Who wants to miss out on sleeping kittens?

You know what’s easy to do? Over think. Not that thinking through things is bad; on the contrary, I highly recommend thoroughly thinking through your actions and decisions. But I’m not talking about a weigh-the-pros-and-cons type of thinking; I’m talking about that type of over thinking that leads to fear, doubt, and eventually results in inactivity. We literally think ourselves out of things that we would probably otherwise do.

…are you impressed with how many times I can insert the word “think” into one paragraph? Yeah, me too.

Anyway, I think what I’m trying to convey is what God’s been teaching me lately: over thinking (obsessing?) doesn’t help anything. It hurts. We can play out every single scenario in our minds and yet at the end of the day, we still don’t have control over our circumstances.

So. Cheers to the end of over thinking. I think for me, it’s time to return to enjoying the little things. Smile and take joy in the moments that make you happy, don’t worry that your happiness will go away. You know why? Because it will. And then it’ll come back. Ad infinitum.

“I don’t want to live—I want to love first, and live incidentally.” – Zelda Fitzgerald

Au Revoir, 2012, il a été une bonne année…

Well, it’s that time. The end-of-year challenge of wrapping up an entire year’s worth of experiences in a single blog post. Here goes nothing…

This year was great. Honestly it was. Lots of fun was had, plenty of mistakes were made, goals were reached, others left hanging, but hey, that’s life. In a brief moment of introspection, I think it’s safe to say I’m a lot stronger, maybe a little harder, and most of all thankful for everything that’s happened this year.

No regrets, remember?

It’s always funny to me how we gear up for a new year like it’s a clean slate, as if the date changing can somehow give us a fresh start. It doesn’t really make much sense; after all, time just marches on right? What really makes December 31st 2012 that much different that January 1, 2013?

Actually, I think you can sum it up in one word.


I think we need to operate this way, as if an arbitrary date change can mean a new beginning. We need to break up our decisions, the good, the bad and the ugly, into a manageable period of time that at the end of which, we get a re-do. A mulligan. A chance to change.

So what do you want to change? What are your goals and resolutions?

Here are a few of mine. Hold me to these…

1) Learn French

2) Travel somewhere I’ve never been

3) Read 50 books, good ones

4) Pay–off the “I’m in college and need a credit card” debt

5) Do something that scares me at least once a month (don’t worry Mom, I’ll be safe…ish)

I really can’t wait for 2013, I think big adventures are in store…

Bring it on.