DIY Abstract Painting

I’ll be honest with you, painting has never been my thing. Not from lack of trying or passion, I just can’t paint. My people like aliens and my trees look like green blobs. That said…look at my painting! Abstract seems to be my thing.
paint_canvas painting
I adapted this painting from a tutorial found on A Beautiful Mess for a DIY abstract painting. Because I have a smaller space with stronger colors, I went for a more punchy look. I started by panting the canvas because I wanted a yellow background.
paint_halfway done
From there, I layered different shapes on top of each other. My colors in the living room are deep red, turquoise, and yellow, so those are the shades I went with.
I added some lighter color accents, and boom! Painting. I hung it over the kitchen table, and it really gives a nice pop to the room. If you’re a great painter I’m sure yours will look even better. And if you’re painting-challenged like me…see? You can do it!

Happy painting!

xo. Brie