This past weekend we got the chance to go floating with a bunch of friends up in the Russian River, and it was a blast! We floated for about 4 hours, though it was slow, and we only covered about .7 miles, haha!

A few floating Pro-tips:
1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Reapply every hour! We used 50 but didn’t reapply enough and fried. Use. The. Screen.
2. Ice is everything. We had a bunch of beer, and two hours in, it was still frosty and cold, just how you want it to be! Don’t skimp on the ice.
3. Invest in a floating cooler. It will clip right to your float, and you’ll always have a cold one right by your side!
4. Zipsicles. If you’re wondering what they are, they’re homemade (alcoholic) popsicles that are the BEST mid-float. Use these to store and freeze them.
5. Bring all your friend! And tie the tubes all together to make a massive floatilla.

Happy floating!
xo. Brie

Palace of Fine Arts

We finally made it out to see the Palace of Fine Arts, and it did not disappoint. This massive structure is beautiful, and you feel like you’re in Rome or Spain, and not the Marina of San Francisco. Swans float on the lake in front, and the columns and gold etching give beautiful details. I definitely recommend a stroll past this gorgeous palace on your next trip to SF!
What’s truly amazing is the history of the Palace. It was built ad part of the massive World Fair that took place in San Francisco in 1910 to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal. This was San Francisco’s way of showing the world they had risen from the ashes of the devastating 1906 earthquake. To read more about it, click here.

xo. Brie

Skiing in Tahoe

2015/01/img_1716.jpg We made it to snow! Winter sports have never been my favorite (mostly on account of snow requiring stupid cold temperatures), but this time, we actually had a blast! It definitely helped that we planned ahead and got the right snow gear…little tip, don’t assume you’ll be warm enough. Ever. Maybe that’s just my inner Floridian talking, but seriously. Get the right gear. If you do…you’ll love it! We stuck mostly to the bunny slopes and green runs, and had so much fun.

Stay warm snow bunnies!
xo. Brie

Bay Area Bucket List


2015 is going to be the year of adventure. Said another way, 2015 is going to be the year of planning adventure. Because lets be honest, if I don’t plan it, it probably won’t happen. As much as I’d love to be the spontaneous type who on a moments notice can whisk away into a grand adventure, I’m more of a “lets spontaneously not leave the house and binge watch Revenge” type of girl. Side note to anyone watching Revenge…WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS SEASON?!

Ok, I’m back. So I decided to make a list of places in San Francisco that I want to explore. Some will be simple and quick, some will be all day or even weekend adventures. Here’s my Bay Area Bucket List so far:

Bay Area Bucket List

Walk or Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
Visit the Palace of Fine Arts
Run Bay to Breakers
Tour Alcatraz
Walk Lombard Street
Climb the steps of Coit Tower
Get Dim Sum in China Town
Go Wine Tasting in Sonoma
Go to a Giants Game
Eat chocolate in Ghiradelli Square
Get the password for drinks at Bourbon & Branch
Find Off the Grid
Explore Muir Woods
Run the Mosaic Stairs of 16th
Go hiking in the Presidio
Sail in the Bay
Visit the California Academy of Sciences
View art at the De Young Museum
Slide down the Seward Street slides
Eat clam chowder on the wharf
Find the Buffalo in Golden Gate Park
Check out the cable car museum
Ice skate in Union Square
See the seals at Pier 39
Hike Lands End to the Sutro Baths

That’s 25 things to explore before the year is out…I’ve got my work cut out for me! Stay tuned for blog posts chronicling this adventure. Anything I’ve missed?

xo. Brie

Planes, Trains, and Trams

train-boarding_psIn Australia we took nearly all public transportation when we weren’t walking (hey, I lost 5lbs, so…not complaining). The public transportation systems were actually fantastic, we took planes, trains, trams, ferries, taxis, and buses. The rides were quick, and it’s always fun to see a city the way the locals do. The trains are pretty clearly marked, except for platform 5, which was the one platform where you had to find one specific elevator in the station and take it down a few floors. Took us a few tries, but we got the hang of it.

One little travel tip, make sure your phone is charged when you set off exploring, because you don’t want your GPS to die mid-adventure…not that that happened (totally happened).

xo. Brie