Christmas In the Window

Well apparently I’ve been watching too much Fixer Upper (is anyone else obsessed with that show??) because as I was walking to the grocery store with Mr. Bun this weekend, I saw this old window in a pile of trash and just had to have it. I couldn’t let that distressed wood and open window look go to waste!
When I say I got this out of the garbage, I’m not kidding. The group of men cleaning out their garage must have thought I was crazy when I asked if I could have this. So much dirt and dust and spider webs – and my lucky husband got to carry it all the way up the hill home. Have I mentioned he’s the best?
Really though, after a thourough cleaning, this window looked just lovely.
For now it’s a part of my Christmas decorations, but I’m excited to find a more permanent place for it come the new year!

xo. Brie

New Tattoo (again)

Well, I did it again. Not really surprising if you know me, I like to get pretty things put on my body. Permanently. Actually this is the first tattoo out of my four that I didn’t get for any real reason. This one was just for fun. Speaking of fun, if you can grit your teeth and watch as the needle drags the black ink through your skin, it’s mesmerizing.

What tattoo would you get just for fun?
xo. Brie

DIY Abstract Painting

I’ll be honest with you, painting has never been my thing. Not from lack of trying or passion, I just can’t paint. My people like aliens and my trees look like green blobs. That said…look at my painting! Abstract seems to be my thing.
paint_canvas painting
I adapted this painting from a tutorial found on A Beautiful Mess for a DIY abstract painting. Because I have a smaller space with stronger colors, I went for a more punchy look. I started by panting the canvas because I wanted a yellow background.
paint_halfway done
From there, I layered different shapes on top of each other. My colors in the living room are deep red, turquoise, and yellow, so those are the shades I went with.
I added some lighter color accents, and boom! Painting. I hung it over the kitchen table, and it really gives a nice pop to the room. If you’re a great painter I’m sure yours will look even better. And if you’re painting-challenged like me…see? You can do it!

Happy painting!

xo. Brie