Cactus Confessions

20140617-101451-36891345.jpg Confession: I’m a terrible gardener. It’s sad, but oh so true. I go so far beyond black thumb, it’s like the thumb that got frost-bite and fell off. My roommate made me an adorable succulent garden, and I killed them! Succulents! The plants that were around since the dinosaurs, I can kill. It’s like a twisted skill…

Anyway, this little cactus was one of two survivors. Brave souls. So, I replanted it and am hoping for the best. My course of action is really just leave it in the window in my office and try not to look at it too much with my plant-killing vibes. We’ll see how this goes…if I can keep this little guy alive, maybe cacti gardens will be in my future.

xo. Brie