Snow Flurries and Wine…

The day ended with snow flurries and wine.

It began this morning at 3:55am.

A buzzing alarm, some last minute frantic packing, getting stuck behind a stopped train, two flights, and a cab-ride later, we arrived.

Hello, Minneapolis.

I’m a huge fan of cities; in fact I’ve never found a city I didn’t like. Each has it’s own unique beauty, culture, and electricity. From New York to San Francisco, Chicago to Miami, each city is different, yet gives that same “I must be missing something, let’s get out there!” feel.

I walk miles in a city. And love it.

I have to admit, my number one goal when I get to a new city is always the same. Find a used bookstore, and find a copy of Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre is my all-time favorite book, so I try to find an old, tattered copy in a used bookstore in every city I visit and a memento. By the time I’m 50 I’m bound to have an entire bookcase of just the book Jane Eyre. Oh well…)

The trip to Minneapolis isn’t just pleasure, I’m really here for the Non-Profit Technology Conference. And despite the blizzard rolling in (that’s right, a real life blizzard. This girl is from Florida…this will be interesting.) I have a good feeling about the next four days…

Well, I found the bookstore. Complete with underground levels, ladders, and dusty old books you can’t help but crack open and smell. What I love about old books is they carry a story you’ll never know; a silent mystery of where they’ve been. It’s like holding history. And while I did find some great Sylvia Plath poetry, I struck out on the Jane Eyre front…still, I consider any time spent in an old bookstore a win.