This past weekend we got the chance to go floating with a bunch of friends up in the Russian River, and it was a blast! We floated for about 4 hours, though it was slow, and we only covered about .7 miles, haha!

A few floating Pro-tips:
1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Reapply every hour! We used 50 but didn’t reapply enough and fried. Use. The. Screen.
2. Ice is everything. We had a bunch of beer, and two hours in, it was still frosty and cold, just how you want it to be! Don’t skimp on the ice.
3. Invest in a floating cooler. It will clip right to your float, and you’ll always have a cold one right by your side!
4. Zipsicles. If you’re wondering what they are, they’re homemade (alcoholic) popsicles that are the BEST mid-float. Use these to store and freeze them.
5. Bring all your friend! And tie the tubes all together to make a massive floatilla.

Happy floating!
xo. Brie