Eddie’s Cafe

Just down the road from our new apartment lies the little breakfast treasure, Eddie’s Cafe. Known for their fast service and vintage style mugs, this is definitely my kind of place.
We went on Saturday morning, so it was packed when we got there. To be fair, there’s only about 6 small tables inside, so “packed” is probably like 20 people. But thanks to the fast service, we got seats at the bar within 10 minutes of waiting.
Their charm is in these mugs. These mugs! They’re not vintage like cool vintage…they’re vintage like they probably went to 15 Goodwills and raided the mug department. The kind of mugs you’d find in the back of your grandmothers cabinet.
IMG_0152.JPG And then the food! It’s no-nonsense, down to early, honest to goodness breakfast fare. I’d recommend it.

Eddie’s Cafe
800 Divisadero St
San Francisco, CA 94117

xo. Brie

San Diego

20140127-091849.jpgWhile in Cali over Christmas, we decided to take the train down the coast from San Juan Capistrano to San Diego to visit one of my best friends, Ashley. I’ve taken this ride countless times, but never get over how pretty the coastline is.

20140127-092147.jpg We went down to La Jolla to see the seals and dolphins. They. Were. Adorable. Like seriously cute. And the water was so cold, but thankfully the sun was out. And Jim got a kick out of being in the rick cave.

20140127-092220.jpg And Amy had a chance to shoot some killer pictures. Here’s hoping she posts them to her blog soon (equal parts so you can see them, and I can steal them, roommate style.)

Happy Travels and Happy New Year!

xo. Brie