I’m Engaged!

Early on the morning of April 5th, my boyfriend took me to the top of Tank Hill in San Francisco, where he asked me a question that set a new direction on our lives. And I said yes!
I’ve always thought it was silly how girls claim they can’t remember what their boyfriends say when they propose – but now I understand. What I do remember is, I agree to spend my life with my best friend, and now fiance.
Yep, it’s stunning. I spent most of the day staring at my left hand every time it caught the light and sparkled.

So, there are some big things ahead! We’ve decided to live in San Francisco, so not only will I be planning a wedding, but also a cross country move from Florida back to Cali where I was born. Join me for the journey! (And leave any advice in the comments!)

xo. Brie

A Trip to Haiti

Haiti_bingoSometimes my job is really cool. Like days that I get to travel and spend a week in Haiti visiting with people who have benefited directly from the work that Cross International is doing to help raise people out of poverty.
Haiti_well Here I got to climb up onto the walls protecting a local well that people can access to get fresh, clean drinking water.  (Totally tore holes in both knees of my jeans; totally worth it). Before this well was built,  people had to walk 2 hours every morning and night just to try and find fresh water.
Haiti_ZachI got to speak to people who used to live in huts and sleep on muddy wet floors – and now have solid concrete houses and clean toilets. It’s incredible to experience the joy that these people have, their lives uncluttered with the invasive consumerism that seems to flood our lives. They find true joy in life and simplicity, and it’s incredibly inspiring to see. Sometimes I love my job.

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.”


Let’s change the world.

xo. Brie