Detox Challenge: My Month of no Sugar, Caffeine, or Alcohol

IMG_1323 Being that we’re heading into February (as evidenced by Valentines day decorations popping up everywhere), it seems 2015 is well underway. This year, instead of making grand and probably unattainable resolutions, I’ve decided to break up the year into 12, one-month segments. Seems, well, obvious, but for me it breaks things down into manageable chunks. Each month, I want to add or subtract something for my health. Each month I want to go on one grand adventure. And of course, each month I want to chronicle all of it here.

February: No sugar, caffeine, or alcohol

Ah yes, the big three. Sugar is in everything, coffee is life, and wine makes me a happy girl. So why cut them out? I got the idea from a food blog I love, Feed Me Pheobe. She does a great job explaining how our livers need a break from the hard work we put them through breaking down these three things. So, in the interest of good health and happy livers, away they go for February. Adora has gracefully agreed to join me, and we’re bringing our husbands along for the journey. Misery loves company, right?

Kidding…kind of…

So stay tuned for how this turns out. And leave a comment if you want to join us!

Stay healthy,
xo. Brie

The Mill Coffee

Obviously one of the most important things to find in a new city is where you can get a good cup of coffee. And thankfully, that place is right down the street from me! Introducing The Mill. This little coffee dream boat not only makes the best lattes I’ve ever had, but they make this toast…
When you walk in, you can see them in the back making the bread. From scratch. Then they offer 4 different options of bread types and toppings.
We had to try a few different types, as they sounded amazing. This was the poppyseed bread topped with butter and fresh honey.
Any my personal favorite, the raisin bread topped with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon.
IMG_0026.JPG And finally, the lattes. Do yourself a favor…come to San Francisco and get one.


xo. Brie

Blue Bottle Coffee

If you’re in San Francisco, and coffee’s your thing (as it is mine), you NEED to check out the Blue Bottle Coffee in Hayes Valley. It literally looks like they opened up a little garage and set up for business, and it was the best coffee I’ve had since Melbourne, Australia.

Blue Bottle Coffee
315 Linden St
San Francisco, CA 94102
b/t Octavia St & Gough St in Hayes Valley

It sits in a little alleyway, where you almost think you’ve missed it…but then you see that magical little blue bottle and you know everything is about to be delicious. There are places all through the city that serve BBC, however I definitely recommend this location, as it’s by far the cutest (and sure to make you feel the most hipster).

xo. Brie

Chats and Cappuccinos

Cappuccinos are delicious, it’s a fact. They’re even better while sitting at a little sidewalk cafe in Melbourne with an handsome boy, also a fact. But no matter where you live, find someone you love, find a little cafe, and go get a cappuccino. Talk about life, talk about what far away lands you want to visit together, talk abut the things that make you laugh.

And a little tip, ask for chocolate powder on the cappiccino; it’ll change your life. Fact.

xo. Brie

Easy as Sunday Morning

sunday_psSometimes Sunday mornings require sleeping in, and reading for an hour before even attempting to get out of bed. Sometimes, they require not one, but two cups of coffee out of an Anthro tea cup. Sometimes they even require lighting your vanilla candle sitting in coffee beans so your apartment smells like a coffee shop while you paint your nails and watch How I Met Your Mother re-runs.

Happy Sunday, Lovelies.

xo. Brie