Cork Lettering

I love wine. I love wine a lot. And being a wine aficionado, I end up with a lot of corks, that I’ve been saving up for some sort of project to stand out to me. And it did! I decided to make a cork-covered letter as a little decor piece for my wedding. It was really simple, and like I said, I had a lot of corks…L
I started out with a wooden letter “L” since that will be my new initial. You can get these at any craft store, or be like me and skip that step by ordering right from Amazon. And then you simple glue the corks on end until you cover it all up! 20140626-141212-51132157.jpg Ta-da! There you have it! I used Elmer’s Craft Bond tacky glue, and it seems to be holding strong. I think it’ll add a nice little something to the decor.

Happy corking!

xo. Brie


DIY: Apron

apron_fabric_ps I had plenty of fabric left over from making the couch pillows a few weeks ago, so I decided to use the scraps to make an apron! The prints were already so pretty, and I’d been meaning to make one for a while. apron_square_ps
apron_sewing_ps Instead of following a pattern, I just sort of eye-balled the sizes. I started with a big square of the fabric that I wanted for the skirt. I used a different fabric for the tie and pockets, to give it some contrast. Hemming everything before going any further saved me some time later on. apron_sewing-2_ps I then base-stitched and gathered the top of the apron, and sewed the tie along the gathered side. It was a little tricky, but worked out great by the end. apron_done-floor_ps2 apron_mirror_ps All done! It turned out great, in fact, I’m planning to make another one for my mom for her birthday. Shhh, don’t tell her.

xo. Brie

DIY Throw-pillow covers

pillows_full-view-2__ps I’ve been wanting to sew new pillow covers for a while. But the absence of my sewing machine made me keep putting off the project, and the though of doing it by hand was daunting. I finally bit the bullet, sewed two sides of one pillow by hand…and drove to get my sewing machine the next day. And after a cool 30 minutes, wa-la! Good as new. pillows_two_ps

pillows_machine_ps I really love these pillows. I purposefully picked four different but compatible fabrics because I felt it would better compliment the eclectic vibe we have going at Bungalow. And I loved them all so much choosing one would have been hard! pillows_fingers_ps Thanks to the machine, the only part I had to sew by hand was the openings I stuffed the pillows in. Because I was simply recovering these and not making all new pillows, I didn’t have to deal with stuffing the pillows, just shoving the old ones in their new cases! pillows_full-view-2__ps There you have, successful pillow-recover! I love the combo of bold solid colors with the flowers. Each of these fabrics are so fun, it makes me want to play with different fabrics more and more.

What have you sewn recently?

xo. Brie

Coffee Bar!

coffee_done_ps The only downside of our darling little Bungalow is the lack of counter space. After some serious pinterest-ing, I decided to help add space, I needed to build a coffee bar. Essentially it’s creating space from nothing!coffee_before_ps I started by heading out with Adora and Amy to find the “bar” portion at a local thrift shop. It took a good 5 shops or so, but I finally tracked down this little treasure for $25. It was a bit banged up, and needed a little love.coffee_painted_ps
This love of course took the form of a good sanding, priming, painting and distressing.coffee_inside_ps I wanted a little bit bigger top, and some contrast to the turquoise, so I decided to get unfinished wood boards and stain them. When they were finished, I nailed them to the top for a larger table-top.coffee_knobs_ps coffee_knobs-2_ps Amy and I found this pair of red drawer knobs at Anthropologie and they just tied everything together so nicely. coffee_done_ps Using the leftover stain, we bought a few larger board cut to the same length, and hung them as shelves using spray-painted brackets. The whole project cost around $80, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

xo. Brie