Detox Month | Week 1 Review

IMG_1351 Whew, we made it a week! I figured being one week in, I’d write an update on how this week has gone without sugar, alcohol or caffeine. Overall I think it’s been fairly…dare I say it…easy. The first few days were rough with no caffeine, I was so close to a migraine on day 2 where even my vision was blurry that I broke and had a half a cup of watery, black coffee. That at least allowed me to get to sleep, but after that night it’s been fine. Alcohol has definitely been the easiest to give up, and while I am definitely looking forward to a big glass of wine (or champagne) at the end of this challenge, I don’t feel a big loss there. Coffee for me is just as much about ritual as taste I’ve discovered, and while I miss coffee for sure, a cup of hot tea or water with lemon in the mornings wakes me up pretty well now.

And lastly….sugar. Guys, did you know sugar is in almost EVERYTHING? I consider myself a very health conscious person, and don’t eat candy or drink soda, or consume those types of things where sugar is obvious. But it’s in everything else! Spaghetti sauce, mayo, canned soups, salad dressings…it’s everywhere. If nothing else, this cleanse is definitely opening my eyes to how we’ve snuck it into everything. And you think you know that from watching documentaries like Fed Up and such…but let me tell you, you really don’t realize the full extent until you read every label on every jar, can, and package. That said…I really don’t miss it. I’ve been playing around with a bunch of fun, sugar-free recipes this past week that I’ll be sharing in the weeks ahead. If you make nearly everything from scratch, you don’t have to worry about sugar sneaking in because you have full control.

Health wise, I feel great. I’ve noticed I have a much steadier supply of energy, I’m not dependent on sugar highs and lows. I really feel like my blood sugar has leveled out, and I don’t experience any sharp hunger pangs like I did before, which I suspect were really just my brain craving caffeine or sugar and communicating that through feeling hunger. And I eat less! My brain is able to better register when I’m actually full, and I can eat less of the more nutrient dense foods on which we’ve been relying.

So, overall I have to say I’m excited about these week one results, and can’t wait to see how the next three weeks go!

xo. Brie