First Trimester Reflections

  Whew, it’s been a while! Mostly because the first trimester is hard. Freaking hard, guys. Morning sickness hit me about week 8, and lasted a good 2 months. Started with just all-day nausea, which quickly turned into all day puking. Some lucky women don’t get any morning sickness….and I’m so happy for them. Kind of. I was not one of those magical unicorn creatures…

Besides puking all the time and losing 5lbs this trimester, I’m also the most tired I’ve ever been in my life. Everyone tells me this is normal, but when you’re nodding off every day at 2pm, after getting a full 9 hours sleep the night before, it’s rough.

Whining and complaining aside, I’m finally able to begin wrapping my head around the fact there’s a little one growing in my belly. We had our first ultrasound and I can’t begin to explain the feeling of seeing a little person on the screen. Something you can’t even feel yet is in there, growing away. It’s odd to feel so protective of someone you’ve never met and is about 2 inches long – but you do.

Anyway, I’ll keep chronicling this journey toward baby bun.

xo. Brie