Critical Mass

As promised, here’s the Critical Mass post. Where to begin…
critical-mass_ps Of course I picked  the Halloween ride to participate in. Because riding a bike for miles at night, alongside 600 other bikers, over bridges and in between cars isn’t enough…I needed to do it in costume.

For those of you that don’t know, Critical Mass is a cycling event that’s usually held on the last Friday of every month. It originated in San Francisco in 1992 as a social movement  by cyclists to encourage more people to ride bicycles. Now it’s spread all over the world, with rides happening in places like Budapest and Vienna.

So, zoom in, and here I am about to ride in the Fort Lauderdale October, Critical Mass. In costume. On a beach cruiser. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I had a bunch of friends going, I like bikes, how bad could it be?

Well, aside from the strong headwinds and sweat from the costume (and I forgot to eat dinner before hand), it was a good time. Ok, I a little bit hated it…but also a little bit enjoyed it. If you like biking (and don’t mind throngs of bikers surrounding you) then go for it! I however will not be out on the road again until I get a better bike…and no costume next time. Because costumes are hot.

Happy biking lovelies!

xo. Brie

Color Run!

I had a chance run in the Fort Lauderdale Color run, and let me just tell you. It. Was. Awesome. If you’ve never done it, it’s a 5K where you get dyed corn starch essentially, and you can throw it at your friends (or dump it on yourself) and then at certain points during the run, there are huge groups of volunteers chucking handfuls of paint dust at you! My friend Kim and I started out nice and clean and white… color-run_after-2_ps
And clearly that did not last. It was a blast! I’d highly recommend this run to anyone, runners, walkers, anybody. It’s a good time. color-run_after_ps
And honestly, how often do you get to throw handfuls of paint at someone? The answer is not often enough…

xo. Brie