DIY: Chalkboard frame

frame_done_ps Amy had the great idea to make a chalk board frame that we could use an a message board here at Bungalow. And it turned out adorable! frame_horn_ps For someone who claims not to be crafty, she knocked this one out of the park.frame_before_ps She found this old, slightly gaudy frame at a thrift store on sale for $4. Pretty good steal considering it was originally $8. We wanted that old look, but not in this color… frame_chalk-paint_ps From there, she used chalkboard paint to paint the glass. If you don’t have chalkboard paint, go get some. Now. Do it. you can paint nearly anything and then write on it! Sorry, got distracted. Back to the project…frame_chalk-paint-close_ps Since it’s an old frame, the back didn’t come off, so she taped it off to paint it. frame_painting_ps
frame_done_ps After that, all that was left to do was paint the frame yellow, and it was done! We hung it by the door and are going to put hooks underneath to hang keys on. Ta-da! Now to think of some clever notes to leave…

xo. Brie