Painted Pot Herb Garden

garden_done_ps Gardening is that one hobby I want to be good at and yet…never am. Seriously, I kill everything. If there was an opposite version of a green thumb, I have it. That said, I love gardens! I love the idea of going and picking fresh herbs and flowers you’ve grown yourself, and the pride and joy (I imagine) that comes with that.
garden_plants_ps So, today I am beginning again. I am officially starting a garden. An urban herb garden. Ok, so it’s three potted plants…gotta start somewhere, right? I cheated too and bought already sprouted herbs. Next time I’ll try starting from seeds, but this time I needed all the help I can get. garden_pots_ps
garden_painting_ps To make the clay pots prettier, I painted them with some yellow paint I had left over. And the bases I painted blue for some contrast. I painted the yellow down about halfway into the pot, so when the soil was added, no clay would be showing. garden_soil_ps
garden_post-done-angle_ps Then just got some top soil, planted and watered, and wala! Garden. Mini garden. I started with sweet basil, oregano, and rosemary – three of my favorite herbs.

Happy gardening!