Traveling with Baby

Can you believe the holidays are almost here?! I mean Halloween is in 2 weeks and then, the heavy hitters are here. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. Holiday cooking. Decorating. And…traveling.

Cue the “dun dun dunnnn…”. Guys, traveling with a baby can be tough. BUT, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare! I’ve taken Will on two flights so far, and we’re planning our third for Thanksgiving. I learned from each of our previous trip and at the risk of jinxing it…I think I’ve got it pretty figured out.

Here are my flying with baby essentials:
Extra socks
Extra pair of clothes
Extra top for mom
Clean swaddle blanket
Burp Cloth
Food pouches
Skip Hop with plenty of extra diapers
Whole pack of wipes
Quiet toys
Extra pacifiers on clips
Nursing cover
Diaper cream

Happy travels!

Easter Baskets

1. Start with the basket itself. Make it a multiple meaning Easter basket. (A plant pot for the gardener, a mixing bowl for the baker, a helmet for the jock)
2. Fun colored tissue paper
3. Non-chocolate candy (I highly recommend jelly belly jelly beans or sweet tarts)
4. Personal size wine (this is an adult basket after all)
5. Butterfingers eggs!
6. Chocolate candy (in the shape of a bunny, a cross, an egg, etc.)
7. A favorite DVD (think of the $5 bin at Walmart)
8. A pair of Easter themed panties or tank top
9. Fun makeup item (fake lashes, lipstick, funky eyeshadow)
10. Easter color nail polish

xo. Brie

Holiday Reflections





It’s hard to believe the holidays are over, they always fly by so quickly. There were many laughs, stories, and chocolates shared. Countless mugs of coffee were drank, and the wrapping paper piled high. It was magical. And now 2014 is here.

Happy New Year, lovelies.

xo. Brie

Photo credit to the amazingly talented Nick & Ashley Nardone, who blog and create at Seldom Seamed.