Reflections on Beginning Lent 2017

Here we are already, it’s Lenten season. It feels like 2017 is already flying by, and it’s brought so much chaos, fear, and some sadness to so many people. I’m lucky enough to work for City Church San Francisco where we attend church and have built a community, and I’ve been so thankful for the thoughtful conversations and the outpouring of love our church has shown to communities and religions different than our own.

I love living in a sanctuary city. It’s something I hadn’t ever thought of before, but with the current political climate we’re all in, living in a sanctuary city and doing life along side people who have all agreed to love and accept our immigrant neighbors – it feels like we’re loving people the way we’re supposed to. There’s action behind the words.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.10.45 AM.png

Recently we read this quote from Aaron Neiquest, and I think it sums up our role quite nicely

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.06.23 AM.png

So how does this all tie in with Lent. I believe Lent is a time where we can re-connect with our humanity. When I’m dead, my small pile of ashes and dust won’t be any better than that of an immigrant, person of color, or refugee. Death is truly an equalizer – all our posturing and privilege is irrelevant when we take that final breath. It doesn’t matter anymore. And in reconnecting with our humanity, I believe it’s time to see the humanity of others. If human beings can connect on a human level, we no longer act out of fear, we can start acting out of love again.

It’s a big thought. It’s a life changing thought. It’s an uncomfortable thought.

The poor aren’t always easy to love. Our enemies definitely aren’t easy to love. Republicans aren’t easy to love. Democrats aren’t easy to love. There’s no easy out here. But why should there be?

That’s what I’m reflecting on today, and plan to continue working through this season. Join me?


5 Minute Makeup

If there’s one thing you’re short on with a new baby, it’s definitely “me” time. Little things like drying your hair or doing makeup begin to feel like luxuries! One of the things motherhood is teaching me is the importance of stealing a moment or two throughout the day for some self-care. Be it cooking and eating a nutritious meal, taking a hot shower, or sneaking in a few yoga poses – when you get a moment alone to collect yourself and feel good, it carries on to your baby.

So, in the spirit of self care, here’s my 5 minute mama makeup routine! After a shower, or just washing my face, I use Aveeno Positively Radiant tinted moisturizer. I follow that with powder foundation and a touch of blush. A bit of eyeliner on the upper waterline, natural colored eye-shadow, mascara, and a swipe of lip gloss and you’re done! 5 easy minutes and I feel ready to face the day.

xo. Brie

William James Lyndon: My Birth Story

Birth is an amazing, transformational experience, but also one that takes a while to process. You go from a slowly growing and developing pregnancy that lasts a good 10 months, to this intense transitional window and experience  – and then you come out the other side holding a baby. A sweet, beautiful, needy, helpless baby that for the first few weeks requires all your brain power and effort just to keep healthy and content. Throughout my pregnancy, I had my heart set on a natural, home birth. After hours of studying, reading countless books, and 6-weeks of intense home birth childcare classes, I felt ready. This was the birth I wanted. However that’s not how it went down, and it was such a stark reminder that we can’t in any way control our circumstances, all we can do is decide how we will react to them. Now that I’m 6 weeks postpartum I’ve had some time to process my own birth story and would love to share it with you.

I was convinced our sweet baby Will would come early, so around week 39 I was more than ready to meet him. But the 40 week mark came, our due date passed without a sign or symptom of labor, and I found myself at 41 weeks with still no baby. Acupuncture, long walks, spicy food, herbal teas and tinctures – nothing was working. Finally on Wednesday, at 41w3d, I finally felt what had been days worth of Braxton hicks begin to settle into a normal and predictable rhythm. At 10pm I went to bed, hopeful that this would really be it. I woke up at 1am with even more intense contractions, to the point where it was uncomfortable to lie down any more so I got up and hung out on the couch while mentally trying to prepare for the journey ahead. I started timing the contractions around 3am and they were already about 5 minutes apart and lasting a minute. At 6:30 I finally woke Jim up and told him what was happening. We called our midwife Kara and she talked me through a few things, and then came to the house around 8:30. At this point the contractions were beginning to require all my attention and I wasn’t really talking through them anymore.

I continued to labor and around 11am Kara checked me and I was dilated to 4cm. After already having labored pretty intensely for 10 hours, I figured we were on our way. This is where time begins to get fuzzy. I was having some intense back labor and spent the next 12 hours going between the bed, the couch, being on my hands and knees, and sitting in the shower with the water on my back. The labor got so intense I couldn’t keep any food down except a handful of goldfish crackers and a few sips of gatorade. At 1am I got checked again – and was still at 4. I hadn’t progressed at all, and the pain was beginning to get unbearable. This was the moment I felt completely defeated. I started to feel panicked with each contraction, so Jim, Kara and I talked and decided it was time to transfer to the hospital. We threw some clothes, a baby outfit, and the carseat together and jumped in Kara’s car.

We got to the hospital around 2am, but it took an hour to get admitted because apparently it was a busy night for delivering babies. The nurse eventually took pity on me and gave me some Fentanyl while we were waiting since I was climbing the walls at this point. Thankfully baby’s heart stayed beautifully steady through all of this as they were monitoring him through each step. Eventually we got wheeled into a delivery room and I got an epidural. At this point after 26 hours of labor, I barely felt the epidural needle going into my spine, and the relief was almost immediate. Kara and Jim helped me get comfortable in the bed and I fell right asleep. After sleeping for three hours on and off, I woke up around 11am. The hospital midwife came in and checked me and I was at 7cm – and so excited to be progressing again. They gave me another 2 hours and when she came back at 1am and checked I was at 10cm and ready to push our sweet babe out. I pushed hard for an hour and a half, and at 2:47pm our sweet little boy made his loud entry into the world. They immediately put him on my chest and I cried; cried from the joy of finally holding this precious boy, and cried from the journey that brought us to this moment. He was so strong and perfect and loud – it was the best moment of my life. Time sort of stood still as they sewed up my two tears and cleaned us both up. That hour or two of skin to skin contact as I held him was amazing – Jim and I just stared at him and took in every detail of his little face and body.

My plan was for a timely, unmedicated home birth. My reality was a 36 hour labor, hospital transfer, pitocin, epidural, and a 2 day hospital stay. But honestly I wouldn’t change it. This is how our sweet babe needed to come, and I worked the hardest I ever have in my life to bring him into the world. I still hope that there is a home birth in my future, but this experience also opened my eyes to the different things women experience in birth – and to the realization that it’s all beautiful and empowering, no matter what your story. I think it’s important for us as women to be able to talk about our experiences and make these decisions about our body as they come, and feel the freedom to express our stories. Thanks for taking the time to read mine.

xo. Brie


First Trimester Reflections

  Whew, it’s been a while! Mostly because the first trimester is hard. Freaking hard, guys. Morning sickness hit me about week 8, and lasted a good 2 months. Started with just all-day nausea, which quickly turned into all day puking. Some lucky women don’t get any morning sickness….and I’m so happy for them. Kind of. I was not one of those magical unicorn creatures…

Besides puking all the time and losing 5lbs this trimester, I’m also the most tired I’ve ever been in my life. Everyone tells me this is normal, but when you’re nodding off every day at 2pm, after getting a full 9 hours sleep the night before, it’s rough.

Whining and complaining aside, I’m finally able to begin wrapping my head around the fact there’s a little one growing in my belly. We had our first ultrasound and I can’t begin to explain the feeling of seeing a little person on the screen. Something you can’t even feel yet is in there, growing away. It’s odd to feel so protective of someone you’ve never met and is about 2 inches long – but you do.

Anyway, I’ll keep chronicling this journey toward baby bun.

xo. Brie