One day we went a walkin’

My friend and roommate Amy is a very talented photographer. Like, c’mon. That girl’s good. She wanted to work on some posing and lighting techniques, so she took Jim and I out to Tree Tops park for a photoshoot. Here’s the result…






couple_eat head
We had so much fun, it’s great to act silly and still look good in pictures – I owe ya one on that Amy. We laughed, ran around, pretended to be models, and in the end walked away with some great memories captured forever.

If you have the chance to get your photo taken, do it. Seriously. Don’t worry about how you look or what to wear, or if those 5 pounds you wanted to lose will show. Take the picture. Make the memory. Laugh about it later.

Live life to the fullest, lovelies.

xo. Brie

Photo credit to Amy Lynne Horn

He’s Coming Home!

jim_jerseyAfter a year spent working abroad in Australia, this handsome hunk is coming back to the good ol’ USA! In honor of his return (and handsome face), I’m dedicating this post to 5 out of the box date ideas that we will be testing out soon:

1. Go to a local farmers market and pick out all fresh ingredients, then cook dinner together.
2. Pick a director and watch ALL his/her movies.
3. Pick one ethnic group and master one of their signature dishes.
4. Read a book or poetry together, out loud.
5. Train for and compete together in some kind of athletic event (5k, half marathon tough mudder, etc)

What out of the box dates do you and your honey enjoy?

xo. Brie

Waverley Cemetery at Bondi Beach

cemetary_no-headstone_ps While we were in Bondi Beach doing the walk along the cliffs, we stumbled upon the Waverly Cemetery. I was immediately captivated by the stoic headstones and angels, their quiet stillness contrasting with the churning waves below, and I had to go have a look around.
cemetary_water_ps The Waverley Cemetery was established in 1875, when the land was purchased, and the first internment took place on the afternoon of August 4th, 1877. Today there are over 6,000 graves sites stretching over 4 acres; many of the graves are over a hundred years old.
I have an odd fascination with cemeteries. It’s nothing morbid, but more that it’s just so strange to walk among the dead. To think that each gravestone tells a story – each person had a family and loved ones who cared for them, celebrating their life and mourning their loss.

“Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead that any we leave behind.”

– C.S. Lewis

Live life to the fullest, lovelies.

xo. Brie

A Trip to Haiti

Haiti_bingoSometimes my job is really cool. Like days that I get to travel and spend a week in Haiti visiting with people who have benefited directly from the work that Cross International is doing to help raise people out of poverty.
Haiti_well Here I got to climb up onto the walls protecting a local well that people can access to get fresh, clean drinking water.  (Totally tore holes in both knees of my jeans; totally worth it). Before this well was built,  people had to walk 2 hours every morning and night just to try and find fresh water.
Haiti_ZachI got to speak to people who used to live in huts and sleep on muddy wet floors – and now have solid concrete houses and clean toilets. It’s incredible to experience the joy that these people have, their lives uncluttered with the invasive consumerism that seems to flood our lives. They find true joy in life and simplicity, and it’s incredibly inspiring to see. Sometimes I love my job.

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.”


Let’s change the world.

xo. Brie

Cube Life Confessions

cube_overall_psI have a confession: I hate cubicles. I generally hate being confined…well, anywhere. I do however love my job, so that makes things a big challenging. I work for Cross International, and get to help create online marketing campaigns that directly benefit people living in poverty overseas (I mean, that’s a cool job, let’s be honest). This love/hate relationship is always an epic battle, in my mind anyway, especially on Monday mornings. But! I’m choosing to make the best of it. And so, with that, welcome to my cube.
Hello Anthro mug. This mug is almost always filled with coffee. I keep saying I’m going to drink less coffee and switch to tea, and blah blah blah…coffee.
cube_maps_ps The picture the right was created by the talented Adora Mae, she knows my obsession with all things French. And the map of Australia (with the red heart) reminds me where my heart is these days.
cube_monitors_ps Check the fancy gray chevron pattern on my monitors. It’s hard to hipster a cube, but I’m trying.

How do you make your work space your own?

xo. Brie