The Victoria Library

In Victoria, the library isn’t your typical little run down building with dusty shelves and books with the covers ripped off (yeah, I’m talking to you Broward Library, let’s at least pretend we care.)

Sorry, back to the point.

The State Library in Victoria is gorgeous. Built in 1854, it holds over 2 million books and 16,000 serials, as well as the armor of Ned Kelly, one of Australia’s criminal legends. Inside the library, the La Trobe reading room has a giant overhead dome, and was designed to hold over a million books and 500 readers at the old reading desks that extend out from the center of the room.

Books are kind of my thing, so this was one of my favorite spots so far along the trip. There’s something almost magical about books that were written a hundred years ago, and have somehow made their way into your hand at one exact moment. If you’re in Victoria, definitely go see the library.

“Books are threads from which the fabric of our culture and civilization are woven.”
– Richard W Clement (from the ribbon of words around the rotunda of the Victoria State Library)

xo. Brie

St. Kilda Beach

St. Kilda beach is just a tram ride down from the heart of Melbourne. With a Myki tram pass, you can get there quite quickly. The harbour and beach at St. Kilda is really beautiful. We got ice cream (yes it was cold, but ice cream is always delicious, let’s be honest) and walked down along the boardwalk.

In the harbour all the little boats were sitting quietly on the water. It was quite a peaceful place. There was a restaurant at the end of the pier, complete with an adorable little red door. We walked out to the end as the sun was setting, and then I got too cold and we headed back. It would be glorious in the summer though! If you do get a chance to make it out to Melbourne, definitely head down and take a look at St. Kilda.

xo. Brie

Australia: Arriving in Melbourne

mel-8_psAlright, diving right in. A few weeks ago I had the chance to head out to Australia to visit my dashingly handsome boyfriend, who’s working there this year on a holiday work visa. I was there for two weeks, the first five days of which were spent in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

It was pretty grey and cold while I was there, but that didn’t stop us exploring. The Yarra River runs through part of the city, so we walked down to check it out. The city was beautiful, the old architecture was breathtaking and it was mixed with little street cafes and coffee shops which added so much life and culture.

China town was adorable with hanging lanterns and small dumpling stands down every street. We even headed up to the Eureka tower which is the highest building in the city, and got an aerial view. The city was so beautiful and exciting…the trip couldn’t have started off any better!

xo. Brie

Australia pics are coming!

flightWoo! What a crazy past few weeks. I flew in last night from a 2 trip to Australia, and it’s right back to the grind today. But pics are coming! Traveling to Melbourne, Cairns, and ending in Sydney was amazing, quite a down under adventure. Taking the train through the city, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, walking along Bondi Beach, it was incredible, a time I’ll never forget.

Let me just tell you though, 24-hour travel days are no joke. Travel tip: make friends with the flight attendant and get her to bring you wine through the whole 16-hour flight. It seriously makes it better…

xo. Brie