Nelson’s Diner

Welcome to the cutest little eatery in Pompano Beach: Nelson’s Diner! Recently Adora and I set out to check out some local spots to grab breakfast before work, and once we went to Nelson’s, we didn’t go anywhere else. It’s that adorable and delicious.
The place gets hopping in the morning, and you see the regulars sitting at their regular booths at the same time every week. It gives a big city that small town, everyone-knows-everyone kind of feel.
Oh, and Elvis stuff is everywhere. I mean, everywhere. Including this cardboard cutout, an Elvis bust/clock, Elvis posters, an Elvis street sign, you name it. And the music is from the 60’s, which adds to the adorableness.
When Jim was in town, I had to take him to this little piece of small town heaven. He approved the grits and gravy, and since he’s from the Carolinas, he’s an authorized authority on such things.

Nelson’s Diner
438 South Cypress Rd
Pompano Beach Fl. 33060

Where’s your favorite little eatery?

xo. Brie

Green Spot Kitchen

All your organic dreams have come true in Oakland Park! This adorable little spot off Commercial is probably the healthiest restaurant within 20 square miles. With dozens of more than affordable vegan, organic, and gluten free options – there’s something for everyone here. Not to mention the fun games they keep on hand to play while you wait (not very long) for your food. Settled in the back corner of a shopping center near Commercial & Dixie Highway (next to Thai Spice) – this hole in the wall will quickly become your favorite dining establishment! Go check it out and then come back and tell me what you thought.

Green Spot Kitchen
1506 E Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33334

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Guest post from Adora Mae! You can check out her crafts, travels, and many many cups of coffee at her blog

Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen

mya_view_ps One of my all-time favorite places to eat lately is Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen. An adorable hole-in-the-wall little place, Mya offers local and organic food, smoothies and cold-pressed juices that are in a word, amazing. mya_board_ps It’s one of those places where you get that homey vibe while eating fresh butternut squash salads, baked felafel, or avocado toast. And their Peruvian Pink cold-pressed juice with beet, ginger, and carrot is incredible. mya_smoothies_ps One of the best part of Mya are the smoothies, and micro-nutrients added. I love that all the ingredients are local and natural. And they even make their own almond and coconut milks to put in the smoothies. mya_water_ps They always have a giant glass pitcher with fennel and cucumber, making the water extremely refreshing. The fresh herbs are calming and just flavored enough to keep you wanting more.

Love where you live,

xo. Brie