Hello, Handsome

bunI am one lucky girl. I mean, c’mon. I was feeling sentimental today as I miss this handsome bun, since he’s still working abroad in Australia, so I figured I’d share him with you. Not only is he the most handsome man I know, but he’s also the smartest. He is patient and affirming, and loves me more than I ever dreamed anyone might.

Here’s to my handsome bun,

xo. Brie


Chats and Cappuccinos

Cappuccinos are delicious, it’s a fact. They’re even better while sitting at a little sidewalk cafe in Melbourne with an handsome boy, also a fact. But no matter where you live, find someone you love, find a little cafe, and go get a cappuccino. Talk about life, talk about what far away lands you want to visit together, talk abut the things that make you laugh.

And a little tip, ask for chocolate powder on the cappiccino; it’ll change your life. Fact.

xo. Brie

New Tattoo


tattoo_done_ps When I decide to get a tattoo, it’s always something that has a great deal of meaning to me. I have three now, and I love all of them. I make myself wait and think about what I want to get, where I want it, etc, because it is…well, permanent. With this one, I knew I wanted to get “L’amour est patient” which is “Love is patient” in French. I wanted it because, well, patience is not my strong suit. When I want something to happen, I want it now. Of course, in true Briana fashion, I decided I was ready to get the tattoo and went about an hour later to get it. Baby steps…but I’m very happy with it.

xo. Brie