Bridesmaids: will you be mine?

I knew I wanted to ask my bridesmaids to be, well, my bridesmaids, in a special way. And what could be better than a token of my affection to guilt them into serving me hand and foot? Oh, I mean, supporting me on my big day? Earrings!
I messages Michelle over at Millionayres, my favorite Etsy store for earrings, and explained what I was thinking. She was sweet enough to work with me, and make these adorable “Will you be?” stickers for each box. And they turned out seriously adorable.
The earrings are cream with lace over top. So pretty, dainty and perfect. Each of the girls loved them, and so far, they’ve all said yes. I still have a few more to distribute, so, shhhh…
I mean really, how could you say no?

xo. Brie