Seeds for Smiles

If there’s one thing I wish I was good at and yet always fail while doing, it’s gardening. The last plant I owned, I started out watering it daily and caring for it…and then I started to forget water…and then I put it outside for some sun…and that was about a month ago. I guess I should retrieve it.

I tried a vegetable garden one time, I think one green bean plant peaked out above the soil, and once it realized I was its gardener, it gave up. Dying is a plant’s first choice over having me tend to it. I’m going to try a herb garden soon I think…stay tuned.

Anyway, I think gardening would be more of a priority if I depended on what I grew to feed myself and family. It would quickly move from a hobby to a necessity. As a non-green-thumb gardener, I’ve super excited about the campaign that I’m working on at Cross right now, which sends packets of seeds overseas to families living in rural areas. Isn’t that brilliant?

You can check out the video Adora made for the campaign here. What’s really cool about it is she used footage from actual projects we support, and the soundtrack is from a recording we did of Zambian children singing. I think it’s pretty awesome. I think you will too.