Nelson’s Diner

Welcome to the cutest little eatery in Pompano Beach: Nelson’s Diner! Recently Adora and I set out to check out some local spots to grab breakfast before work, and once we went to Nelson’s, we didn’t go anywhere else. It’s that adorable and delicious.
The place gets hopping in the morning, and you see the regulars sitting at their regular booths at the same time every week. It gives a big city that small town, everyone-knows-everyone kind of feel.
Oh, and Elvis stuff is everywhere. I mean, everywhere. Including this cardboard cutout, an Elvis bust/clock, Elvis posters, an Elvis street sign, you name it. And the music is from the 60’s, which adds to the adorableness.
When Jim was in town, I had to take him to this little piece of small town heaven. He approved the grits and gravy, and since he’s from the Carolinas, he’s an authorized authority on such things.

Nelson’s Diner
438 South Cypress Rd
Pompano Beach Fl. 33060

Where’s your favorite little eatery?

xo. Brie